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heiii... disini juga ad loh, materi tentang kalimat langsung dan tidak langsung.
gak hanya di pelajaran bahas Indonesia saja, di bahasa Inggris juga ada loh..
yuk tengok kesini materinya...
A. Direct Speech
Direct speech referd to reproducing another person’s exact words o saying exactly what someone had said (sometimes called quated speech)
Here what a person says appers within quatation marks (‘’...’’) and should be word for word.

B. Indirect Speech
Indirect speech resroducing the idea of anather person’s word doesn’t use question mark to enclose what the person said and it doesn’t have to be word foe word. Indirect speech is sometimes called reported speech.

• When reporting speech the tense usually changes. This is because whwn we use reported speech, we are usually talking about atime in the past (because pbviously the person who spoke originally spoke in the past). The verbs therefore usually have ro be in the past too.
• Note : reporting verbs that are usually used ti report imperative sentence are : tell, other command, ask, warn, remind.

Present Simple
Past tense
Direct : Iis said ‘’ I eat fried chicken’’.
Indirect : Iis said that she ate fried chicken.

Past Simple
Past Perfect
Direct : Mother said ‘’ I want to market yesterday’’
Indirect : Mother said (that) she had gone to market the day before.
Future Simple
Past Future
Direct : Dheppy said ‘’ I will buy a notebook next week’’.
Indirect : Dheppy said (that) she would buy a notebokk the week after.

Present Continuous
Past Continuous
Direct : Sinta said ‘’ I’m playing badminton ‘’
Indirect : Sinta said she was plating badminton.

Past Continuous
Past Perfect Continuous
Direct : She said ‘’ I was teaching earlier’’
Indirect : She said she had been teaching earlier.

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